Below are links to useful websites or other activist groups. Please email Indivisible Cedar Mill to have us add new information.


Indivisible Guide : Download or find other groups

ACLU : National American Civil Liberties Union. Buy your pocket Constitution or learn what your rights are.

NRDC : National Resource Defense Council, Environmental watch dog and activist group.

Watch Livestreams of the US House of Representatives 
This can be interesting during floor proceedings and prior to votes.

Watch Livestream or videos of previous floor sessions of the US Senate

Stay Informed
It can be hard to sort through all the information coming our way! Some sources lack depth and/or have an abundance of sensationalism. Consider these for progressive, but informative digests.

Track your Members of Congress (MoCs)
You can track via below websites or apps how your Members of Congress are voting on any given legislation.  You may also Google “congressional vote”s or ‘scorecards’ for particular areas of interest. (e.g., alignment with Trump, environment, women’s rights, etc.)

Participate in Calls to Action
Check daily for calls to action (COA) that may include calling MoCs, writing postcards or attending an event.

  • Join/like/follow Facebook: Cedar Mill Indivisible, Indivisible OR-1, Women’s March on Washingon, League of Bad Ass Women
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 Invite Others to Join You
Encourage friends & family in purple/red states via FB or email to join their local Indivisible group and contact their MoCs…then to tell two more friends to do the same!

Join Individual Causes
The organizations that support civil rights, reproductive rights, human rights, education, environment are abundant. Consider donating your time and/or money to the issues that matter most to you. A few examples below:

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