Our mission at Indivisible Cedar Mill:

Rebuild and maintain a progressive majority in every level of government –
federal, state and local.

To accomplish this mission, we follow a Strategic Plan that focuses and justifies our activities.
Click here to read this guiding document.

Indivisible Cedar Mill is an action-oriented group. We are not a debating society. We do not feed the poor, clothe the naked or house the homeless. We do not attempt to proselytize Trump supporters. We do not comfort the afflicted; we do however try our best to afflict the comfortable. We have only so much time, energy and money and they are devoted consistently to achieving the three goals listed above. While ICM itself does not pursue any of these worthy causes beyond our areas of focus, we recognize their worth to our culture and society and encourage all our members to join and support whatever causes will further their individual political and social values.

We will do whatever is appropriate and legal to accomplish our mission, including attendance at marches, rallies and demonstrations; cooperation with other progressive groups with similar missions; individual contributions to causes supportive of our aims (ACLU,NRDC, et al); visitations to Members of Congress (MoC) and others at their offices and public meetings; and petitioning MoCs and others through letters, e-mails and phone calls.

We recognize that the game here is four years long, and will require renewed determination every day.

There is no surrender.