Help make state legislatures turn blue!

Upcoming special elections provide a major opportunity to uphold Democratic values and continue rejecting Trumpism nationwide.
The DLCC already had some major wins this year – including in some traditionally Republican areas – and we need to keep them coming to protect our Democratic coalition.
The next four weeks feature as many as TEN special elections, spread out all throughout the country, starting as soon as tomorrow. Check them out:
Date State Seat
March 20 Louisiana HD-82
March 23 Virginia SD-38
March 30 Massachusetts HD-19 (Suffolk)
April 6 California AD-79
April 6 Missouri HD-45
April 6 Oklahoma SD-22
April 6 Wisconsin HD-89
April 6 Wisconsin SD-13
April 13 Connecticut HD-112
April 13 New Hampshire HD-21 (Hillsborough)
Some of these races are in Trump-won districts that won’t be easy wins – but that just means we’ll have to fight even harder to gain ground.