Actions for Today!

      Call your STATE reps to pass bills in the Oregon legislature. We only have three weeks left to get these bills across the line. Below are the numbers and brief description of the bill. All these bills have been vetted by COIN (Coordinated Oregon Indivisible Network) and our group has signed on to support them. Please call your reps and tell them to support these bills too.

When you have your rep on the phone, please also tell them to VOTE TO EXPEL REP. NEARMAN from office. There is a hearing on Wednesday, June 9th at 5:30pm. Rep Nearman is not fit to serve as more details have come out showing him coordinating with far right extremists to let them into the state capital. PLEASE CALL YOUR REPS TODAY.

HB 3265A, the Sanctuary Promise Act
HB 3220, THE Universal Legal Representation bill
HB2932, Creating a Law Enforcement Database
HB2930, Statewide Law Enforcement conduct standard
HB3145, Public database for Law Enforcement misconduct
HB 2819, Leave No Worker Behind
SB499, Compensation for the wrongfully convicted

MAXINE DEXTER 503-986-1433
KEN HELM 503-986-1434
KATE LIEBER 503-986-1714