Author: Kathy Foldes

Push, push, push for the For the People Voting Rights Act!

The push is on! Call your senators, contact your networks to call their senators. At yesterday’s call with Senator Merkely, he advised us that The For the People Voting Rights Act will be coming up in August and pressure from the people can force filibuster reform that has blocked it from debate so far. We need to speak up every day and show up in Washington D.C., if possible, so that the whole country knows what is at stake.
As they say, Just Do It! Call your senators

Heads-up ICM–Upcoming Events and E-newsletter

Tomorrow, July 7th ICM Deadline for Democracy Rally across from the Beaverton Library at 5 pm.

Saturday, July 10th, ICM potluck snacks at 10 am. Check your e-newsletter for details. Come and help assemble kits for Blanchet House to which generous ICM’ers donated.

Monday, July 12th ICM monthly meeting. Social time 6:30, meeting 7 pm. Check your newsletter for the Zoom link. State Rep. Maxine Dexter will be our speaker. Come to hear about the legislative session and her take on where we are with COVID, health care and more.

Deadline for Democracy in Beaverton July 7th! Come one, come all ICM!

Defend the Right to Vote!
Across from the Beaverton City LIbrary on SW Hall St.
12375 SW 5th St
Beaverton, OR 97005
When: Wednesday, July 7, 5:00 PM

Indivisibles all over the country will be attending events like this. We need to show up and have our voices heard!
We need to show our Senators that there is overwhelming grassroots support for voting rights and the For the People Voting Rights Act. Come join us as we hold signs and call for protecting our Democracy and protecting the right to vote for all. We must stop the erosion of hard run rights to voting access for all. What happens with voting rights in every single state and to every single person affects all of us. Bring signs and friends!

Event Issue Focus: Deadline for Democracy
Lisa Stiller created this event for us, please RSVP and join us on Wednesday, July 7th at the Beaverton Library from 5-6pm to hold signs.…/attend-local…/163524/…

ICM monthly meeting is July 12th this month! Mark your calendar

Our ICM monthly meeting is happening on the SECOND MONDAY in July because of the 4th of July holiday!
We want to make sure all of you can come so mark your calendar for July 12th to gather together for inspiration, motivation, and for our great speakers!
We ICM’ers have a vision for the future we want to create in this country and in our own area. We’re stronger together.

Take this simple action to protect our forests! Now!

The legislative session is nearly over, and we need all hands on deck to get HB 2357B, the most important forest policy still alive this session, over the finish line.
For over three decades, OFRI has masqueraded as a forest advocacy group when in reality they are a timber industry interest group. A quick perusal of their board tells you all you need to know; its membership is stacked with timber industry advocates and executives.
Urge your Senator to vote yes on HB 2357B to protect our forests. Many of us live in Sen. Steiner-Hayward’s district. Her email is
HB 2357B will improve Oregon forest management by moving tax dollars away from the Oregon Forest Resources Institute (OFRI). It will direct tax dollars to fund sound forest management practices, like forest pesticide regulation and monitoring, climate smart forestry, assistance to small woodland owners, adaptive management driven by research, and more.

Actions for Today!

      Call your STATE reps to pass bills in the Oregon legislature. We only have three weeks left to get these bills across the line. Below are the numbers and brief description of the bill. All these bills have been vetted by COIN (Coordinated Oregon Indivisible Network) and our group has signed on to support them. Please call your reps and tell them to support these bills too.

When you have your rep on the phone, please also tell them to VOTE TO EXPEL REP. NEARMAN from office. There is a hearing on Wednesday, June 9th at 5:30pm. Rep Nearman is not fit to serve as more details have come out showing him coordinating with far right extremists to let them into the state capital. PLEASE CALL YOUR REPS TODAY.

HB 3265A, the Sanctuary Promise Act
HB 3220, THE Universal Legal Representation bill
HB2932, Creating a Law Enforcement Database
HB2930, Statewide Law Enforcement conduct standard
HB3145, Public database for Law Enforcement misconduct
HB 2819, Leave No Worker Behind
SB499, Compensation for the wrongfully convicted

MAXINE DEXTER 503-986-1433
KEN HELM 503-986-1434
KATE LIEBER 503-986-1714