No January Meeting! But here’s something simple you can do every day- CALL YOUR MEMBERS OF CONGRESS

Calls to our Members of Congress are the way to keep the pressure on. First we need to get the Senate to PASS the Build Back Better package. Then we need to get the Congress to PASS the Voting Rights Act. Our democracy and the next election are at stake! Keep on, keeping on with your calls. This is the best holiday gift you can give to yourself and your children.


sign up to organize a vigil on Jan. 6th an ICM member urges

Nobody Is Above the Law Hosts,

Join us tomorrow for a call to learn about hosting a vigil on January 6 to mark on year from the attack on our Capitol.

It’s been nearly one year since armed right-wing militants attacked our Capitol and tried to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

Since that time the same extremist politicians who incited the attack have tried to block the investigation into the violence, state legislators have passed one anti-voter bill after another, local election officials have faced death threats, and the potential for future election sabotage has only grown.

We must not forget what happened — and we must demand action from our leaders to prevent another attack on our democracy.

That’s why we’re organizing candlelight vigils across the country on Thursday, January 6, to lift up our voices and say:

We are One America. This can never happen again. The Senate must act to pass legislation immediately to protect our democracy.

Join us tomorrow for a call to learn about hosting a vigil near you.

No matter our color, background, or party, most of us believe that people who betray our nation and endanger our lives have no business governing in our name. That’s why we must stand together in this moment.

In 2020, we turned out in record numbers, made sure our votes were counted, and that the will of the people prevailed. Throughout 2021, we’ve organized to protect the freedom to vote, stop partisan gerrymandering, and prevent election sabotage. It’s been a long, hard fight, and we’re closer to the finish line now than we’ve ever been.

But we can’t stop now –– we need to keep up the momentum for our freedom to vote.

Sign up to join us tomorrow to learn how you can host a candlelight vigil in your community on Jan. 6!

ICM is thankful for YOU!

On this day after Thanksgiving, we want to say “Thank You, one and all” for taking action over and over again. We couldn’t have written over 45,000 Vote Forward letters, 3,000 Reclaim Our Vote postcards, called our Members of Congress over and over and worked with COIN and Indivisible USA to push the needle toward people, not corporations, toward Justice, and toward democracy in a time when it is threatened–without you!

Let’s continue to do all we can to get everyone the right to vote in Americans, to work for justice for those who are marginalized, and to address our threatened planet.

There’s no meeting in December. Take time to rest, refresh and reflect and come back ready for mid-term actions!

Monday’s Monthly ICM Meeting- Learn, Advocate, Act!

What’s the latest? What can we do? How can we exert our power in a positive direction?
Our speaker is Rep. Campos from Aloha to talk to us about Oregon redistricting and there is much, much more.

Come to the meeting on Monday at 7 pm to find out.

Zoom link is in your e-newsletter (check your spam folder if you don’t find it) coming today! Be there!

Critical day for calls to our Members of Congress!!!!

Our actions in the coming day will make all the difference for the future of our democracy.

That’s because right now is likely the best chance we’ll have for years to pass the Freedom to Vote Act — which is newly moving through the Senate. And you are a critical part of getting it over the finish line.

This bill would change far more than just fixing voter suppression and gerrymandering, or blocking the dangerous and shocking attempts at election sabotage we’re seeing in multiple states — although doing so is of the utmost importance.

Just think about how different the current debate over infrastructure would be if lobbyists and Big Money special interests weren’t calling the shots in the legislative process.

Just think about what we could accomplish if our leaders had the courage to stop Mitch McConnell’s filibuster from shutting down our democracy.

ICM Supports Oregon Indivisible’s WeCare effort to Show Appreciation to our Local Healthcare Workers.

Let’s show healthcare workers that In Portland WE CARE!
All ICM’rs and friends are invited to Providence St. V’s event on  Monday, October 18, 2021 at 6 p.m. (Please arrive a little early.)


  • Handing out gift items to healthcare workers.
  • We are waiting to hear if all the items will be placed on a cart and rolled indoors, or whether we will hand them out to individual nurses ourselves. Stay tuned for this detail.
  • In any case, we will also show support by clapping (quietly) or waving signs that express gratitude. Bring your own if you feel moved to make one. I will have five or more signs to hand out.
  • Providence St Vincent Medical Center.
  • We will meet at the entrance opposite the employee parking lot. To find the employee/North parking lot, consult this map:
  • PARKING: ONA will get back to us on where we can park. Stay tuned.
  • To find the medical center:
  • There will be five signs to distribute. If you feel like making your own sign, please do so. They can be used for the second event on Friday of next week. Feel free to use the graphic below.
  • We need someone to take some video footage – let me know if you’re willing to be that person. No special skills needed – just a steady hand.
  • Let’s sign up to buy things to donate to the next WeCare event (Providence Portland Hospital)
  • We are collecting items for the 22nd now.  Here is a list of items we need:
  • Once we has sign up for items, we will be contacted via the email they provided, and will be directed to a drop-off at Karyn’s house.
  • We will assemble gift-baskets for Friday’s event on Thursday or Friday morning.  Look out for a Doodle in that regard.
  • If you can procure in-kind donations from small (or large) businesses, please enter their information here:
Thanks for caring!

Monthly meeting Monday (tomorrow!) We need to keep tipping the scale so come!

ICM Monthly Meeting Mon Oct 4.6:30 Social (optional), 7-8 Meeting. The agenda is great! There are plans in the making. And we can all be together on Zoom!

Look for the Zoom link in your e-newsletter. (Sometimes this is in your spam folder unfortunately).

FIRST MONDAYS (usually) 6:30 Social (optional), 7-8 Meeting
Please put this meeting on your calendar as a recurring event so you don’t miss it!

Crucial to call your MOC’s today!!!! Why? Likely vote on Infrastructure Bill!

The Infrastructure Bill that’s up for a vote today isn’t bad, it’s just too small to meet the moment, which is why it needs to be paired with the full Build Back Better reconciliation package. Conservatives have shown time and time again they can’t be trusted to keep their word once they’ve gotten what they want, so today, to make sure the keep their words, they will vote down a bill progressives support, in order to ensure we eventually get a package big enough to help everyone.

This isn’t a minority position — 96% of House and Senate Democrats support the Build Back Better package! We can’t allow a tiny minority of conservatives to deny Americans this massively important recovery plan. So call, call, call!

ICM monthly meeting on Monday! (Oct. 4th) Big plans are in the making!

We will keep tipping the scale back to Liberty & Justice for ALL!
ICM Monthly Meeting Mon Oct 4.6:30 Social (optional), 7-8 Meeting Look for the Zoom link in your e-newsletter. (Sometimes this is in your spam folder unfortunately).
FIRST MONDAYS (usually) 6:30 Social (optional), 7-8 Meeting
Please put this meeting on your calendar as a recurring event so you don’t miss it!

Call your Members of Congress- this is the critical time! Yes, call AGAIN!

And just so we don’t forget what’s at stake, here’s what an inclusive recovery can look like:

A pathway to citizenship for millions of immigrants;
Lowering drug prices, expanding Medicare to cover vision, dental, and hearing, and lowering the eligibility age to 60 years old;
Investments in climate, including a Clean Energy Standard (with no fossil fuels!) and a Civilian Climate Corps;
Investments in housing, especially deeply affordable housing and housing for unhoused populations;
Historic investments in the care economy including universal child care, paid leave, and home and community-based care; and
Address extreme wealth inequality by taxing the ultra-rich and big corporations so they finally pay their fair share.

The CPC made some important wins in recent days on key priorities like affordable child care and bold climate provisions. These wins were possible because we had their backs — and now they need our support more than ever to ensure this package doesn’t get watered down by Republicans and conservative Democrats.