ICM Monthly meeting Monday! Come, come, come!

We will celebrate together. We will inspire one another to work hard for yet another Dem win in Georgia! Look for the Zoom link in your ICM e-newsletter from Wednesday (Nov. 9th).

Here’s the agenda:
1. Welcome
2. Celebrate victories – Bill (10 min)
3. Report on Jamie McLeod Skinner’s campaign, Julie (5 min)
4. Celebrate what ICM accomplished together (Michelle and Kathy) 5 min
5. Run-off election in Georgia- what we’re doing and how you can take action with ICM (Michelle and Kathy) 5 min
6. Analysis of midterm election (all) 10 min
7. ICM moving forward- taking a break, taking action or some combination 10 min

ICM monthly meeting is Nov. 14th at 7 pm

Rather than meet on the eve of the midterm elections, we have decided to have our monthly meeting on the 2nd Monday of the month, Nov. 14th. We’ll be debriefing the election, acknowledging what happened and turning our attention to what’s next. Please mark your calendars for Nov. 14th at 7 pm and meanwhile, join in the final push!

ICM monthly meeting on Monday! Hear our speaker, see our many activist members, hear what’s next.

Come one, come all. Come to the monthly meeting on Sept. 12th at 7 pm to hear our accomplishments, to celebrate the Inflation Protection Act and to learn what’s we’re doing in this midterm season. Look for the Zoom link in the e-newsletter that came out yesterday! DO, DON”T STEW! What we do this coming month makes the difference!

ICM News

The ICM picnic is this Sunday (July 31st) at noon. Check your recent e-newsletter for details! Bring the family, bring your lunch and drink, bring a smile, a dessert to share (optional) and some fun.
NO AUGUST ICM MEETING! Next ICM monthly meeting is Monday, Sept. 12th at 7 pm.

Post-meeting notes and actions!

Announcement: ICM has a personal match for the first $300 in donations for stamps! Donate now for stamps and supplies: Click Here

  1. Vote Forward : Michelle Inness is leading our Vote Forward letter writing effort. Letters to GA and AZ.Come and get your Vote Forward packets (letters, envelopes, instructions) from the box on the front porch at
  2. Michelle Inness’ house:

Terri Debolock’s house:

ICM has already done 3,000 Vote Forward letters. These will be mailed in October. We are stockpiling them NOW.  Let’s match our effort of two years ago of 37,000! (We will have some funds for stamps too!

  1. Kathy Foldes is leading our postcarding effort. ICM is committed to doing 2,000 Reclaim Our Vote postcards before the Florida primaries and then a campaign to either TX or GA for the mid-term elections directly after the Florida postcards. We are also doing partisan postcarding through Activate America in swing state races.

ICM mailed over 1100 in support of Sen Warnock (GA), 600 for Cheri Beasley (NC) and 125 for Josh Harder (CA). Now on to Reclaim our Vote postcards for Florida where Val Demings challenges Marco Rubio and Charlie Crist is running for against De Santis (“don’t say gay” governor).

  •  Email kathyfoldes@gmail.com to let me know how many Reclaim our Vote or Activate America postcards you want
  • Tell your friends and get them to email too so that we expand our reach.
  1. Discussion on gun violence with Dr. Lisa Reynolds- get initiative petitions to gather signatures on IP-17 Reduction of Gun Violence Act – Safer gun owners; less lethal ammunition from Lift Every Voice Click Here
  2. Ideas from ICM for expanding our reach while ma king our activities fun (all with RSVPs so we can have the right supplies)
  3. Have an ICM meeting outside with the focus on writing letters and postcards
  4. “Be My ICM Date”; Small group gatherings at local cafes. Note that Insomnia Café just opened in Cedar Mill. (preferably at a table outside).
  5. Have an event at a local park for writing letters and postcards
  6. Self-organize with friends to write letters and postcards- your house, favorite café or park
  7. Involving young people- Priscilla and Jenny will do Instagram outreach to the Sunset High Climate Justice group

How you can help make it happen!

    1.  Pick up packets for yourself and your friends!
    2. We are looking for hosts to reserve an outside table at a nearby café and invite ICM members to write letters/postcards there on a certain date and time. Can you host?
    3. Volunteer for setting up/take down tables and chairs at park locations for ICM letter and postcard writing
    4. Ask your friends to gather for letter writing at your house or a café.
    5.  Invite a young person in your family to gather with their friends and write.
    6. Donate money for stamps!
    7. Come to ICM meetings- get inspired and energized

March for Our Lives- tomorrow! Bring a petition to get signatures!

Want to do something against gun violence? Come to a March for Our Lives event- Beaverton City Hall at 9:30 am tomorrow. Downtown Portland at 11 am.

Lift Every Voice is the sponsor of Initiative Petition 17 on gun control and offers a training for signature gatherers on Monday! https://www.lifteveryvoiceoregon.com/train-to-gather-signatures.

More later today on actions!


ICM monthly meeting TONIGHT at 7 pm!

Come One, Come All! Action, action, action! Action gives us hope. Together, we can move the needle toward progressive. It’s time to turn our focus to the mid-term elections, 150 days from now!
This monthly meeting will have only two agenda items -Vote Forward and Reclaim our Vote. Some of us have been doing letters and postcards already. Michelle Inness is going to speak to Vote Forward and Kathy Foldes will speak to Reclaim our Vote postcarding. We have plans to ramp it up and we need you there!
Join ICM’s June 6th Zoom Meeting at 7 pm. Look for link in your ICM e-newsletter (sometimes found in Spam folder).