ICM Monthly Meeting Mon June 6th from 7-8 pm Be there!

Come One, Come All! Action, action, action! Action gives us hope. It’s time to turn our focus to the mid-term elections, 169 days from now!
This monthly meeting will have only two agenda items -Vote Forward and Reclaim our Vote postcarding. Look for the Zoom link in your e-newsletter (look in your spam folder if you can’t find your newsletter).

Activism in May. Next ICM is meeting June 6th!

Get active, ICM! There’s so much to do! The Oregon primary is upon us. If you’re a neighborhood leader, ensure your voters vote. If not, ask your friends if they’ve voted yet- Decker for DA, Ortega for judge, Lisa Reynolds, Pam Treece, Lynn Peterson, Hutzler. AND Vote Forward letter packets are at Michelle and Terri’s front porches, Take a packet! Want to do postcards to swing states? ICM mailed over 1,000 in support of Sen. Warnock, contact Kathy for what’s next. Call your MOC’s about the right to choose! Go get ’em, ICM! See you on June 6th.

ICM Monthly Meeting on Monday! (May 2nd 7 pm)

It’s that time again, time to gather on Zoom for an exciting monthly meeting with TWO speakers! Learn about the accomplishments of the month and what we’re planning to the coming month. No doubt that things have heated up and our activism matters. We are a community of activists to let’s get together!

The Zoom link is in your e-newsletter. Look in your spam folder if you can’t find it in your regular email. it was sent on April 26th.

See you there!

ICM Monthly meeting is Monday! April 4th at 7 pm

Come one, come all to our monthly ICM meeting!

Look for the link to our ICM Zoom meeting in your e-newsletter. (Sometimes this is in your spam folder).
Our guest speaker is Pam Treece , Wash Co Commissioner, Dist 2.

We are also in full swing with postcarding and Vote Forward. We need ALL of you on board for these efforts. Let’s use our power and support one another as we take action.

ICM monthly meeting March 7th- great speakers, hope through action!

Come to the monthly ICM meeting on Monday at 7 pm and hear Kathryn Harrington and Beach Page speak about their vision for Washington County. Look for the Zoom link in your e-newsletter (sometimes in your spam folder). Submit your questions to Karyn ahead of the meeting!

Learn about our Vote Forward and postcarding campaigns. Things are ramping up. Let’s use our collective power for the good!

Vote Forward letter writing starts Feb. 27th! Postcarding for the DA race begins March 10th

We all want to DO SOMETHING to move politics, right? Here are two specific things we can all do.
1. Write Vote Forward letters to Swing States beginning Feb. 27th for three races! Remember where you got your packets last time? That’s where to look again- Michelle’s house or Terri’s house. Return them two weeks later.
2. Write postcards for the DA race starting March 10th. About a month to do these. Contact Kathy if you haven’t already signed up.

ICM monthly meeting on Monday, yes, THIS MONDAY 7 pm

Are you longing to DO SOMETHING about the sorry state of politics? Then come to the ICM meeting. We are organizing projects right now. And we will have Dr. Lisa Reynolds as our speaker; she is running for the newly redistricted state representative district that most of us live in. It’s time to get rolling! Look for the Zoom link in the e-newsletter you received last week. (Hint: you may have to look in your spam folder)