Resistance Letter #37



December 10, 2017
Day 323 of 1461 days

Dear Co-defendants –


 We Ain’t Dead Yet

The Senate and House versions of the taxscam are now in a reconciliation committee with members chosen by both parties in the House. It is the job of that committee to produce a bill merging the different versions passed in the separate legislatures. They cannot add anything to the original bills, but they can delete and modify as they wish. The finished bill out of that committee goes to both the House and the Senate for a final vote, and both houses must approve the bill. The Republicans hope that they can bring this to the floor quickly by December 18 or 19, 2017. To do this, they have actually forgone their recess due to start December 15.

The final reconciled bill will not be out of committee very long before the Republicans rush it to a vote. It is unclear if the Democrats will stall the vote using parliamentary tactics. Let us hope they do so, that the finished bill can be read closely. The more time we have, the better.

Senator Corker is the sole Republican ‘no’ vote at this time. Senator Collins and Moran have struck a deal that they will approve taxscam if a compensating legislation re the mandate elimination can be passed and signed before the taxscam vote. Obviously this is not going to happen, so their votes may be up for grabs.

Senator Flake has voted for the bill, but may still be a candidate for a negative vote. He recently sent a donation to Democrat Doug Jones of Alabama for the ‘good of America.’ Perhaps he can see finally that this taxscam with its huge deficit load is also not ‘good for America.’ He is on the record opposing deficit spending, so maybe he just needs a good reason to reconsider things. Senator McCain should also be reminded of what’s ‘good for America;’ he may yet be a no vote, depending on what comes out of committee.

See the Calls to Action for suggestions and telephone numbers.


DACA May Be in Play

The Democrats may possibly attempt to tie a deal on The Dreamers to raising the national debt and other fiscal matters. Surprisingly, the House passed the latest Continuing Resolution(CR) to finance the government without any Democratic support; they may not be able to do that again with the fractious Freedom Caucus objecting to spending priorities. That spending stopgap ends on December 22, so there will be pressure to get that done and get home for Christmas break. They may try to pass a budget, but more likely will try for another CR. Call Senators Merkley and Wyden and Representative Bonamici to insist that any spending bill be held hostage to dealing with DACA.


Women’s March 2018

Nation-wide marches are being planned for January 20, 2018. Portland has yet to file a plan and get permits, but this will probably happen. Most major cities have something going. Something will happen in DC, but no firm announcements have been made. See this URL for current information:


Alabama chooses: Pedophile or Democrat?

It really does appear to be up in the air! Recent polls show a closing race with that sexual predator Roy Moore drawing closer to Democrat Doug Jones. Oh, Alabama, have you no decency yet?

Most races depend largely on voter turnout, on voter motivation. Special elections tend to have low voter participation. Black voters in Alabama do not seem to be too invested in this race so far. Many organizations and civil rights icons are in there trying to rally Alabama  black voters, but active voters in Alabama favor the whites by a three to one ratio – about 2.5 million whites to 850 thousand blacks. Indivisible National has set up a website where you can help the situation easily from the relative comfort of your home, and increase the voter turnout for both black and whites. Go to  to get started.


OR1 District-wide Training

All OR-1 Activist Indivisibilinarians are invited to a training session to be held Saturday January 6, 2018. Here is the event Info URL or

Saturday Jan 6, 1-5pm

Bethel Congregational United Church of Christ
5150 SW Watson Ave
Beaverton, OR 97005



Call Senators Merkley and Wyden and Representative Suzanne Bonamici to urge them to include a DACA solution when dealing with Republicans on budgets and deficits. The Democrats would definitely be in the catbird seat if a budget is to be passed. They may be in a position to make a deal if a Continuing Resolution is needed.

Senator Ron Wyden – 202-224-5244
Senator Jeff Merkley – 202-224-3753
Representative Suzanne Bonamici – 202-225-0855

This senator stayed true to his word on deficits. A call of thanks would be in order, just in case this vote comes up again.

Senator Bob Corker(TN) – 202-224-3344

These two senators need to be reminded of their core principles regarding deficits and doing what is ‘good for America,’ not the Republican Party. They both should be reminded that both McConnell and Trump are not men of their word and cannot be trusted.

Senator Jeff Flake (AZ) – 202-224-4521
Senator John McCain (AZ) – 202-224-2235

These senators think they have made a deal about elimination of the ACA mandates with a promise of future legislation to be passed and signed prior to taxscam vote. That legislation is very unlikely to be passed and signed prior to the taxscam vote. Tell them not to be fooled; eliminating the mandate will cripple health care.

Senator Jerry Moran (KS) – 202-224-6521
Senator Susan Collins (ME) – 202-224-2523



The meeting is set for Monday, December 11, at 1750 NW 131st, 97229. Doors open at 6:30PM and the meeting starts promptly at 7:30 PM.  Refreshments,  both adult and juvenile will be provided along with a few tasty snacks. Ethan Krow of yesforhealth will explain tactics to support R101 and our opportunities to participate. Assemblyman Mitch Greenlick will be at the meeting to talk to us about the legislature’s healthcare concerns, and why R101 should be approved, and the consequences if it is not.

L’audace, encore l’audace, et toujours l’audace!

Thank you.

John Fox