Author: Karyn Servin

Next Meeting: March 1, 2021

Our next meeting will be March 1st, 2021. 6:30-7pm social time, 7-8pm meeting.

Email us for the Zoom link:



6:30 – 7 Optional social time

7 – 8  Meeting 

  • Welcome
  • Impeachment/Redistricting/2022 long view
  • COIN update/Committees
  • NL update/Upcoming May election
  • Speaker: Ashley Hartmeier-Prigg*  Candidate for Beaverton City Council, ICM Member
  • Website, blog, Facebook communications update
  • Survey – Results
  • Updates from Community/County
  • Closing

*Ashley Hartmeier-Prigg was born and raised in Beaverton, Oregon and is excited about the possibility of serving the city and its residents through filling the seat on Beaverton city council vacated by now Mayor Lacey Beatty. She holds a bachelors degree in political science, with a minor in Spanish from the University of Portland, and a law degree from Willamette University College of Law. She is the current Chair of the Board of the Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District. She is passionate about animal welfare, climate change, affordable housing and racial justice. She is running for Beaverton City Council and will talk about her plan for working on council and how ICM can help her. 

8 – 8:30 Optional social/continued discussion time

Indivisible 2021 – Rebuilding our Democracy

Indivisible Cedar Mill is a progressive, grassroots political group that follows the Indivisible Guide. We have monthly meetings (Zoom during Covid) with local guest speakers. Our meetings are informational with a focus on following our local political scene as well as State and Federal. Our membership is activist in nature with an emphasis on members being active in the community through our county Neighborhood Leader program as well as letter and postcard writing. Our speakers range from State representatives to activists in other progressive causes. We regularly call our Members of Congress to urge them to support or oppose legislation. We also participate in bi-weekly zoom calls with our legislators.

Events Report from Monthly Meeting 11/13/2017

Last month’s events

  1. Town Hall for Wyden
  2. 1,000 postcards sent for Mike Mullins via Sister District
  3. Text banking intro by Scott and Sister District, text banked for Northam in VA – if you didn’t, be ready to participate heavily in the 2018 via text banking
  4. Great win in the VA election and WA. Also at the Vancouver Port Authority.
  5. Calls re: Tax Scam
  6. Obamacare sign ups, please promote and share
  7. Ellen Rosenblum at the Wa Co Forum – will be a guest speaker at our meeting, waiting on date
  8. Syria signed the Paris Climate Accord, leaving the US as one holdout
  9. Trump is packing the courts, fight we don’t have a lot of options- why 2018 is so important
  10. Highland Progessives joined our ranks, thank you Highland and welcome
  11. Cider Festival – table thank you to Megan, Susan, Mercedes & John for staffing

Next month

  1. Resist Trump Tuesdays per usual – tomorrow is Merkely’s office at 11:30
  2. Yes on Measure 101 campaign kickoff Dec. 3rd, Sunday 12pm at AFL-CIO 3645 SE 32nd Ave
  3. With our focus on drilling down locally, consider joining a Washington County Coalition and Committee positions check FB or see me after the meeting for the url:
  4. Resistance School is tomorrow night at Market of Choice, 7pm
  5. Indivisible Group Leaders meeting Sunday, Nov 19th, 2pm
  6. What Now, Tuesday Nov. 21st 6-9pm at Revolution Hall, speakers and reps from 55 nonprofit organizations discussing opportunities for progressive change:
  7. Indivisble is launching Indivislble435, this effort will bring Indivisible into electoral politics. The url above will be the home base for resources and tools that they are rolling out ahead of the 2018 elections. Indivisible National will be giving us guidance on endorsing candidates too. WE are NOT a wing of the DNC and maintain independence.
  8. Keep the calls going for a clean Dream Act
  9. Washington County Resistance monthly meeting Nov. 30th, 7pm
  10. We the Dreamers an art show to defend Daca at Ecotrust 7:30 pm
  11. Communities of Color Unite, Why Black Lives Matter, Weds Nov 15th, 7pm at the Artist Rep Theater
  12. Murmurings of an anniversary march on Jan. 21, 2018

Final thoughts on what you can do:

  • Run for something
  • Sign up for the neighborhood captain position with Dem party
  • Get out the vote for Jan special election – maybe sign up for neighborhood leader program! Email Carl Fisher –
  • Celebrate that the in the election last week, we have a Liberian refugee who is now a mayor in Montana. And a transgender state legislator in Va, a lesbian mayor in WA!

Questions? Email