Resistance Letter #51



OUR MISSION: Rebuild and maintain a progressive majority in every level of government – federal, state and local.

June 2, 2018
Day 496 of 1461 days

Dear Co-defendants –



AG Ellen Rosenblum has agreed to attend our next scheduled meeting on the Tuesday the 12th June (note – our meeting date had to be changed so she could come – we usually meet Mondays but the 12th is a Tuesday). She will be available for the social hour for general schmoozing with her, and will give us a fifteen minute talk during the regular meeting. The AG will also respond to any questions we may have of her for another fifteen minutes or so.

To better our use of both her and our time, please submit any questions you have for her to either me by responding to this letter, or to Karyn via Facebook. We will assemble these questions and Karyn will ask them of her.



Yes, Next Tuesday is officially referred to as Quasi-Super Tuesday, with primaries in CA, NJ, IA, NM, MS and AL. I might have missed one of the states, but the main concern for us is California at any rate,

Seven seats in California are regarded as toss-ups, either leaning Democratic or favoring Democrats. The big names are Knight, Issa, Rohrabacher, Denham and a few others. Unfortunately, Devin Nunes’ seat is safe in the primary; Andrew Janz is the Democratic opposition for him. We will have to wait till November to seriously challenge Nunes.

The California primary system is a ‘jungle primary,’ with the top two vote getters going on to the general election in November. The unbridled egos of progressive challengers have put several easily won primaries in question. The fight for Issa’s seat has 13 challengers, which ought to split the Demo/progressive votes very nicely; Rohrabacher has one Republican contender and six or seven progressive challengers. It is not impossible in Orange County, Rohrabacher’s district, to imagine the two Republicans getting the votes needed to advance, leaving all the Democratic challengers in the dust. So far, nobody has had the good sense to throw in the towel, and thus solidify the vote for one or two challengers. Just goes to show you that progressives can be at least as politically brain-damaged as Republicans.

However all that goes next Tuesday, be sure that you are a part of it. An astounding number of progressives are just too lazy or preoccupied with other things to get out and vote. Vote yourself, get your family to the booth, and convince friends that the future does not belong to the indolent.



The meeting is set for TUESDAY, JUNE 12th (note – our meeting date had to be changed so Rosenblum could come – we usually meet Mondays but the 12th is a Tuesday), at 1750 NW 131st, 97229. Oregon’s Attorney General Rosenblum will be our featured speaker. Doors open at 6:30PM and the meeting starts promptly at 7:30 PM.  Refreshments, both adult and juvenile will be provided along with a few tasty snacks.

L’audace, encore l’audace, et toujours l’audace!

Thank you.

John Fox