Agenda for Meeting 10-9-2017



Meeting will be held next Monday at (email for location).

Doors will open at 6:30 PM; The Big Show starts at 7:30 PM, ends at 9:00 PM latest, with every attempt to finish up by 8:30 PM! Beverages of many persuasions, plus a few snacks, will be available before the meeting.

AND the hour before the meeting will be given over to celebrating our stalemating victories in saving Obamacare from the clutches of McConnell, Ryan, Trump and the now-departed Tom Price.  Yes, there will be champagne (cheap stuff, no Dom Perignon!), a visit from the star of Schoolhouse Rock and, of course, Donald Trump. For some small sum, you can throw a cream pie in DJT’s face.

1.- Opening remarks  -John F – 10 minutes

2.- Review of last month’s and future activities – Karyn S – 10 minutes

3.-Speaker Jolene Guptill, co-founder of the Criminal Justice League – 10-15 minutes

4 .- Postcard Campaign for Mike Mullin in Virginia, a pivotally important seat. – John Fox –10    minutes

5.- Speaker Carl Fisher, Washington County Democrats — 10-15 minutes

6.-Closing prayers and Comments from the Congregation– Karen S  – 5-10 minutes

7.-Adjourn until November 13, 2017, eodem tempore, eodem loco


NB-We have contracted to mail 250 postcards to support Mike Mullin in Virginia. We will sell kits of 20 cards, already stamped and ready for addressing and mailing. Ten United States dollars (US$10.00) buys a packet and contributes to our taking back state legislatures in 2018.

NB-Doors open a half-hour earlier than previously at 6:30PM. Meeting start time remains the same, 7:30PM