Update 10-19-2017 – Sister District, Canvass for Manka, and Cider Festival Outreach

Just an update here.

Indivisible Cedar Mill committed to sending 1,000 postcards out supporting Mike Mullin in the 93rd District in VA. It’s important to keep VA blue, and to support what I hope will be a blue governor, Ralph Northam, there! Democrat Northam currently leads in the polls, but, as always, turn-out is everything!We will know how Mullin and Northam does on November 7th.

The preliminary grunt work on the postcards took  some members’ time and energy! Lisa-1. Lisa-2. Tess, Kathy and Marilyn all did yeoperson (ugh!)  work in processing the cards, and getting them into usable retail bundles. Many hands made the work lighter than I thought possible. Thank you.

I don ‘t have the names of all the members (and non-members) who bought packets of cards, wrote the messages and dropped them in the mail. There were 30-40 of you and I thank you deeply.

We did not have any cards to support Manka Dhingra in Seattle. She is running for the Washington state senate and, when she wins,  the senate will turn bright blue. Right now, it is purple —  tied. This campaign is worth our total effort. You can have a fine time in the Seattle area on Nov 4th and 5th, canvassing for Manka for three hours or so each day, and going crazy after that. For information, sign-up, and, maybe, accommodations, go to  http://tinyurl.com/CanvassForManka.

And finally, (gasp!) we had a table at the Cider Festival in Cedar Mill last Sunday, handsomely designed and equipped by Meagan. Mercedes, Marilyn, Sue and Meagan all took turns staffing the table, and informed lots of people about resistance to Trump and Indivisible Cedar Mill’s role in opposing him. Thanks to all who helped in the outreach.