Bob Corker’s Truth to Power

Over the weekend, the NYT published an interview with Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee. In the interview, Corker all but called for the removal of Trump from office. He characterized the White House as an ‘adult day care center’ and said, perhaps elsewhere than in the interview, that it is obvious that somebody missed their shift supervising Trump at the center.

Corker is the first Republican senator to call out Trump. He said that many of his colleagues were well aware of the WH problem, and would like to solve it, but lack the will to speak out. Here is the interview:

Please call one or more of the numbers listed below for Senator Corker and thank him for his observations and his courage. Flood his offices with mazel tovs.

Senator Bob Corker


Memphis – 901-683-1910

Nashville – 615-279-8125

Knoxville – 865-637-4180

Jackson – 731-664-2294

Tri-cities – 423-753-2263

Chatanooga – 423-756-5313

Don’t feel that you have to stop with one call. We, as a nation, need to get Trump out of office even at the expense of getting Pence in. Trump is just too dangerous to ignore, and Corker may be the start of a movement

Support him, please.


John Fox.

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