Agenda for Monthly Meeting of Nov. 13, 2017

Meeting will be held next Monday at (email for location).

Doors will open at 6:30 PM; The Big Show starts at 7:30 PM, ends at 9:00 PM latest, with every attempt to finish up by 8:30 PM! Beverages of many persuasions, plus a few snacks, will be available before the meeting.

Gloating over the Virginia and Washington election results will be allowed and even encouraged.


1.- Opening remarks  -John F – 10 minutes

2.- Review of last month’s and future activities – Karyn S – 10 minutes

3.-Speaker Kathryn Harrington, Candidate for County Chair Position – 10-15 minutes

4 –Future ICM actions – November through January—John F – 10 minutes

5.- Speaker Ryan Deckert, Candidate for County Chair position– 10-15 minutes

6.-Closing prayers and Comments from the Congregation– Karen S  – 5-10 minutes

7.-Special Exhortation – Karyn S -5 minutes

7.-Adjourn until December 11, 2017, eodem tempore, eodem loco