Resistance Letter #59



OUR MISSION: Rebuild and maintain a progressive majority in every level of government – federal, state and local.


January 8, 2019
Day 719  of 1461 days

Dear Co-defendants –


Indivisible Cedar Mill took a righteous break over the holidays with no December meeting. Satisfied that we had done all that we planned, a holiday break seemed in order. Basking in our electoral wins (but still not happy with Walden!!!) , we put off new activity until January.

And January is here. Our first meeting of 2019 is set for next Wednesday, the 9th of January at 1750 NW 131st Ave, PDX OR 97229, 1830 hours. Attend yourself, and bring a like-minded fiend if you can. Recruiting new members will be a priority for us over the next year.



Several of us sat down last week over a cup of coffee and scoped out areas where we could be active next year. The list is large, and we can’t do them all, but it gives us some opportunity for choices. Indivisible 2.0 from national intends to make this an active year on the national level. While we don’t argue that we have to keep an eye on Washington affairs, we in ICM will be more parochial and pay attention more to state and local issues.

Nationally, we will support progressives in any special elections that occur, support legitimate investigations of things Trumpian, and meet with Bonamici or her staff regularly. Jeff Merkley is up for re-election in 2020, so we will make a special effort to attend his town halls and speak when we have the opportunity.

On a state level, we have yet to see what will appear on the legislative calendar, but we will support the National Popular Vote in any way we can, and will be active on any action on redistricting. We will be making several trips to Salem to lobby for progressive issues; this session the Democrats have a super-majority in both houses and we should make progress there! Secretary of State Richardson has announced that he will run again, despite having brain cancer. He is now working out of his Central Point home; and, yes, we hope that he can beat the disease, but the office is too important to not make a huge effort there for 2020.

Locally, we have yet to see what issues of importance will be dealt with. We have connections with Pam Treece, Kathy Harrington and Kevin Barton. We will be discussing issues with these worthies, and also schedule them for speaking at one of our meetings.

Finally, on the really local level, we will support the Neighborhood Leader Project. That effort led to very real increases in voter participation last year. Karyn will expound on our accomplishments there, but they are very significant!



We all deserve a hearty pat on the back for our contributions to this mid-term election. We sent out over 5,000 postcards, knocked on innumerable doors, financially supported our candidates, attended town halls, marched in lots of protests and vigorously worked to register and Get Out the Vote. We had no slackers. Members who were initially timid about canvassing put on their boots and dutifully did the job. It’s safe to say that every house in Terra Linda was canvassed, and many more outside our neighborhood. A good and satisfying job! We are all now experienced activists and ready for the next job.



The next official meeting is set for Wednesday, January 9, 2019 at 1750 NW 131st Ave, 97229.   Doors open at 6:30PM and the meeting starts promptly at 7:30 PM.  Refreshments, both adult and juvenile. will be provided along with a few tasty snacks.

We will be discussing changing the meeting dates to either the second Monday or Tuesday of the month. We had initially planned on Monday nights, but got some push-back, so we will poll the group on this.

L’audace, encore l’audace, et toujours l’audace!

Thank you.

John Fox